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Mills and Boon Modern - April 2020
Mills and Boon Modern

April 2020



The Innocents Forgotten Wedding
Lynne Graham
After a terrible car crash Brooke cant remember her own namemuch less her wedding day! So finding billionaire Lorenzo at her bedsideand a gold band on her fingeris completely shocking

His Greek Wedding Night Debt
Michelle Smart
Theo has one goal: vengeance on his runaway bride, Helena! But Theo cant escape the pastor the intense connection that spectacularly reignites between them. Will this tycoon be tempted to rewrite the rules of his revenge?

The Spaniards Surprise Love-Child
Kim Lawrence
Soft-hearted Gwen had always dreamed of the day tycoon Rio would discover their child. Yet the reality is astounding! Because when the brooding Spaniard sweeps back into her life, he demands their daughter and her!

A Bride Fit for a Prince?
Susan Stephens
Samias thrilled by the longing Prince Luca awakens within her, but knows a temporary fling is their only option. A future with him is impossible. For the shadows of her past make Samia wholly unsuitabledont they?

Kidnapped for His Royal Heir
Maya Blake
Determined to claim his child, Zak demands pregnant Violet meet him at the altar. And when she refuses? This powerful prince will keep Violet a willing captive on his private Caribbean island until she says I do!

The Italians Pregnant Cinderella
Caitlin Crews
Billionaire Cristiano cant get the unexpectedly innocent Julienne out of his head. Hes sure another night together will cure him until her bombshell destroys his fiercely controlled life! Because his one-time Cinderella is carrying the next Cassara heir

My Shocking Monte Carlo Confession
Heidi Rice
He was Monaco racing royalty and I, Belle Simpson, was his housekeeper. But that evening, Alexis searing gaze exhilarated me. Five years later, I finally have the chance to reveal my secret Alexis a father!

Scandal in His Majestys Palace
Lucy King
Kates virginity is not something billionaire Theo Knox ever wanted to know about. He swore to protect her after her brothers death, but when he sees Kates dating profile all he can think about is how much hes tempted to unravel her
Kate is mortified when Theo discovers her secret. Yet she cant resist his tantalising offer to introduce her to pleasure beyond her wildest imagination! Their chemistry is as unstoppable as it is off-limits, but the biggest scandal of all is yet to happen

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